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Google pixel 2 event?

With pixel 2 event scheduled next month one will wonder what Google has hidden behind the curtains.

1. New Pixels

Google pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl will be introduced. With rumors like LG and HTC making the phones, some features like squeezable border functionality will come to these phones.

2. Google Home: New version

Google home came last year now they are expected to go smaller and classier. It seems this year Google home will improve and will let us do more by helping us doing less. lets see what will happen at the time of event.

3. New Chromebooks

Every year it seems Chromebooks are getting better but still i have not yet ever thought of replacing them with traditional laptops. But, this year Chromebooks can comeback with the must needed punch that everyone is expecting.

4. New Software Marvel

In the end, Google is a software company first. So it wont be wrong if they pull off something which was not hardware but software miracle.

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